My Morals

First, a definition: a code of conduct which is held to be authoritative in matters of right and wrong.

Second, try to figure our what your personal ones are, and examine them to see if they are given to you by society/parents/family/friends, of if they genuinely are yours.

Third, try writing them down. See if in the process, you learn something about what you care about.

Think about sharing them, and having a discussion about them, or asking people for thoughts/comments on them. In fact, here are mine! and I’d love your thoughts!

I’m into Love, and honesty. I have an inclusive heart and I believe in compassion, and hold it as a true tenent and value in my life.

  • Love ALL - life, the universe and everything.
  • Minimize Harm - no murder, abuse towards ALL.
  • No Stealing - against ALL.
  • Be Truthful - Do not lie and seek the truth in your own life
  • Open your mind - Allow all possibilities to exist
  • Be Daring! - Experiment, learn and don’t be afraid of your mistakes
  • Be Yourself - learn who and what you really are.

These are my core tenents and values. Above by ALL, I mean everything, the universe and everything inside of the universe. Yes, even cockroaches and serial killers. Tho I am really bad at cockroaches!